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Hi. I'm S. Pat Newhouse, a sister of Charity of Cincinnati! I am retired and loved being involved in community work. I am also involved with senior activities at St. Martha’s Parish in Okemos.

Hi, I'm S. Pat Newhouse, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati. I'm retired and love being involved in community projects that help the needy. I am also involved with Senior Activites at St. Martha Parish in Okemos.

This is my 12th year helping Haven House raise funds to help homeless families. For the first three years I sold their MSU Tailgate Cookbooks. Then I was invited to become a Star Server at their Annual Pancake Palooza. Meeting a homeless mom with a six day old baby at Haven House moved my heart and spurred my efforts to help homeless families and to inspire others to do the same. Over the past 12 years my donors have raised $115,000. That has put 115 families in homes.

Since I have been a Star Server I have won the People's Choice Award for having the most donors. Mark Mc Daniel has won the Pancake Award for raising the most money. He's a great competitor and is always trying to get both awards, but thanks to all my donors I have been able to keep him from achieving that goal. With your help this year we can do it again, and maybe even win both awards. So I am asking everyone to dig deep in their pockets and pitch in to help our families get into permanent housing. What a great way to help Haven House celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Haven House not only helps families find housing, but it helps families by developing and promoting self-sufficiency, stability, and financial responsibility by providing crisis counseling assistance with goal setting and referrals to other agencies as needed.

I strongly encourage all of you to please inform your friends about this wonderful organization. If everybody contributes to this great cause together we can make miracles happen for homeless families and get them back on their feet.

Join me and the other Star Servers for the 11th Annual Pancake Palooza on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 242 Community Church, 2600 Bennett Rd., Okemos, MI.

You can donate any time between now and then to support my fundraising efforts. Here are ways you can donate:
* Give me cash in an envelope with your name and amount.
* Write a check out to Haven House and put S. PAT in the memo
Checks should be written out to:
Haven House, 121 Whitehills Dr., East Lansing, MI 48823
* Donations can also be made online under my name at:

Thank you and God bless you for making homes available to homeless families in our area. Every donation helps make this miracle happen.